About Me

I have been a graphic designer for the last 15 years and have done a bulk of my work for Starz Entertainment. I graduated from The Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in Communication Design and did my internship at Starz. I left a good impression with them and they opened a spot for me as a design assistant. I learned a lot from all of the editors, designers and producers there while in that position and built a good fundamental skill set. From there I worked my way up to Associate Designer, Designer and then finally to Senior Designer where I currently am. I love the creative process and make the most out of brainstorming, concepting and execution.

Working closely with the marketing, print and web teams we are able to create consistent, on-brand, and creative end results. I constantly work from both left and right sides of the brain- pushing my creativity constantly while also learning new techniques and software. I take pride in being very organized with all of my projects and I do a very good job managing my time and schedule. Over the past couple of years I have had a chance to mentor and direct some of the junior designers at our in-house studio and it has been a great experience for both parties.
During the time that I have worked at Starz I have learned how to concept a shoot, storyboard, cast talent, work behind the camera with or without a crew, edit footage, create graphics and produce a professional result that achieves all of our desired goals. I have worked with the in-house producers as well as out of house clients in studio and also in remote locations. These photo shoots have taken place both locally and also in Los Angeles. I have helped to create full graphic identity packages for on-air channels, user interfaces for both websites and mobile applications, logo designs, and creative and innovative photography for print applications. I have been called upon to organize and manage our library of graphic resources (stock photography, fonts, 3D assets, and textures) as well as develop standards in practices (style-guides, usage guidelines and license restrictions). I have played an active role in choosing and updating software, hardware, networks and also project storage.
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